The Tiki Bar T-Shirt Club pays homage to the classic Tiki Bars of the 50’s to the 70’s
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In 1961, Dave Cohn opened The Polynesia, a triple peaked longhouse at the end of Pier 51 in Seattle Washington.  The half a million dollar restaurant, designed by Raymond H. Peck, had a breathtaking view of Pugent Sound and featured three Tahitian torches at the entrance. Once inside, you'd notice the polished teakwood and grass cloth wall covering, a life-size Tiki figure carved of monkey pod, banquettes carved by Witco, precious woods from the Far East, coral and tree ferns, art carvings, sea shells and lava rock from the big island of Hawaii.
If I could be there now, I think Capt. Bligh's Dream containing "Black Rum and things" for $1.50 sounds like it would be a good start, then maybe I'd follow it up with the Lost Navigator - "Useless of course ...except if there is another to follow down the hatch" for $1.65.  
It closed in 1981, when the government condemned the pier, but Dave Cohn tried to find a new location. He even moved the shell of the building onto a barge and stored nearby, but he eventually he gave up and allowed the Seattle Fire Department to burn the building down for practice.
This month's t-shirt features a ceremonial Marquesas shield design that was used for their menu cover. 
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The Reviews are In!

Chanda S. - Driftwood Room - LA - Subscription Club Member 
I was very happy to find the Tiki bar T shirt club from the Zen Tiki Lounge. I decided to give them a try before subscribing. I am absolutely thrilled with this shirt. So thrilled that I subscribed for 6 months while still wearing the shirt. These will definitely get some mileage during this year's Hukilau. And I will tell everyone where to get them

Frank E. - Subscription Club Member 
These shirts are a joy. Every month brings something that is worth getting. The stories are almost as good as the shirts.

Kevin G. - Subscription Club Member 
Great fitting shirt with quality art. I enjoyed the included history "fact sheet" of the Tiki Bar that is illustrated on the shirt!

Christopher S. - The Tropics
The shirt looks fantastic. Has very comfortable material and fits great.

Wayne S. - The Tropics
Quality of shirt and printing is always great! And the company is great to work with! Highly recommend! Thanks tiki of the month club!!

Jen B. - Subscription Club Member - The Makai Room - One of my favorites so far! This is my 5th purchase from Tiki Bar T-shirt Club and by far my favorite. Getting a little note about the history of the location is the icing on the cake. I only wish I could take time machine back to this place in its heyday. The reproduction of the art is just perfect. Love it!

Woody of - Cannibal Cocktail Lounge - Great design, love this shirt!

Kurt B. - Subscription Club Member - I love the Tiki Bar T-shirt Club. It's always great to get a T-shirt in the mail from an old-school defunct tiki bar. Many of these closed spots are from the middle of the country so they haven't gotten the attention that larger tiki temples have received. It comes with a brief history of the spot. Oh and the tees are super comfortable.

Christopher S. - Waikiki Room - Not only does the shirt have a great design and look great but is so comfortable too. The material that's used is very comfortable and soft. I love this shirt. It's my first one but will not be my last!!

Jane S. - The Outrigger - I can't say enough good things, but I will try...the t-shirts are a bargain with their unique design and quality of seams and fabric. It's also really fun to see what design is coming next. It's Christmas every month!

Michael J. - Subscription Club Member - Great design, great fit. Already a regular in my closet 

What's up with the Club? 

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