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The Fabulous Islands - Phoenix, Arizona 
is our T-Shirt of the Month for November!

The “Polynesian Paradise in the Heart of Phoenix” known as The Islands operated from 1957 until late ’70s.  The Enchanting South Seas Atmosphere was broken up into four rooms: The Tiki Room, the Tapa Bar, the Waterfall Room which had nightly dancing, and if you wanted something more intense, they had the Cannibal Room. The restaurant featured two curved A-frames covered in thatch and two large rootball tikis at the entrance.  We’ve featured one on this month’s design.

I can’t imagine paying only $2.45 for a Tropical Itch to go along with my Broiled Lobster Tails for $3.50.  In the mid-'70s, it became Tommy Wong's Islands.  Wong had previously been working at Don the Beachcomber in Chicago and at the iconic Aku Aku in Las Vegas.   

This item is available for Pre-Order until October 31st, 2016 and will be produced and shipped by mid November.

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